Seasonal Sales Start on July 1st: Almost 70% of Citizens Buy Products on Sales

“According to some analysis, every third product is sold on the promotion and at an affordable price”, emphasizes Deputy Director of the Trade Sector at the CCE Tomislava Ravlić.

She also explains that the consumers are becoming more and more rational and price-perceptive, whereas the price becomes one of the main criteria when making a decision on purchase. “When purchasing products and services, customers pay a lot of attention to the price-quality ratio”, Ravlić says and predicts the retail growth during the summer seasonal sales.

Promotional flyers are the most important channel of communication between the trader and the customer and normally they are examined by 75% of buyers. “About 76 percent of customers are making plans in advance on what to buy, 69% buy products on sales and usually they visit about three stores in order to successfully make a purchase”, Ravlić says.

According to the Seasonal Sales Regulations, compliant to the Consumer Protection Act, summer seasonal sales begins on July 1st and it can last up to 60 days. As the part of the seasonal sales, regular price and the new price must be clearly exposed and legibly written. It is important to emphasize that in case of not selling all the products during the seasonal sales period, the trader is allowed to continue with the sales at an affordable price, while stocks last.