Safe Destinations are Becoming More and More Popular among Tourists

Leila Krešić-Jurić, Director of Tourism Sector at Croatian Chamber of Economy

“What we offer in the field of tourism keeps getting better and better each year. There are plenty of investments, both in hotels, as well as camps, thus we expect very good results in this year”, said the president of the Tourism Business Assembly (Croatian abbreviation TPV) at CCE Franco Palma, at its second meeting, on March 23rd in the CCE. “World and European safety will have a significant impact on tourism, and the fact that Croatia is still perceived as a safe destination is certainly an advantage for our country”, says Palma.

“Some researches on the topic of safety in tourism were recently conducted and their results, presented on the tourism fair in Berlin, show that 15 percent of examinees won’t even be traveling in this season, while 25 percent is planning their trips, but only to the destinations which are considered to be safe. According to the research, we expect 2016 to be the first year with more domestic and less foreign travels”, says Leila Krešić Jurić, Director at the Tourism Sector of the CCE.

President of the Union of Croatian Independent Travel Agents (Croatian abbreviation UNPAH) Zlatko Kukec explained how his expectations about the successfulness of the touristic segment of the current year have changed drastically, after the incident in Brussels. “Without occurrences like that one, we could have expected a very successful year”, thinks Kukec.