New Act on Investment Promotion


New Act on Investment Promotion comes into force on 3 October 2015. This Act ensures the legal framework for the enhancement of the number and quality of investment projects to be realised in the Republic of Croatia ensuring introduction of new equipment and modern technologies, higher rate of employment and level of training of employees, development of high added value products and services, increase in entrepreneurial competitiveness, and more efficient uniform regional development of the Republic of Croatia as well as more efficient command of resources and territorial capital.

Besides already known incentives for business activities to investors, such as tax incentives, incentives for employment and education etc. (prescribed by the previous Act on Investment Promotion and Enhancement of Investment Environment), a whole new set of incentives has been introduced for investments in manufacturing and processing activities, development and innovation activities, business support activities, high added value services. The entire Act in avaliable on the website of the Official Gazette:

More info on why, where and how to invest in Croatia you may find at Croatian Chamber of Economy's site Invest in Croatia.