With the Help of the Country, Croatian Transporters Can Become More Competitive


Croatian Chamber of Economy and its road traffic associations have successfully made changes in the procedure of the „KOD 95“ driver’s licence inscription. According to the MUP (Croatian Ministry of the Interior) decision, which has entered into force on June 15th, a professional driver in the process of issuing new driver's licence will not have to annul his or hers current licence (if it has not yet expired), until the moment of obtaining his or hers new licence.

„This is extremely important for our transporters working internationally, because so far, the inscription process meant changing the entire licence, which means additional expenses. Temporary confirmation was not issued for free either, and also, they were not allowed to leave the country with it. In other words, they were not able to work at all in that period of time“, explained Ljubica Herceg, Transport and Communications Sector director at the CCE.

Additionally, she explained that this change is definitely positive, but she also emphasizes that our transporters need country’s additional support in order to become more competitive.