VIDEO: A Touching Advert to Buy Croatian this Holiday Season


In a sea of Christmas stories, the new advert for the campaign to “Buy Croatian” is distinguished by its warmth, powerful production, and strong message - winning over the hearts of the nation and empowering many to shop local this holiday season.

The Croatian Chamber of Economy reminds us this holiday season that buying local products not only helps to open new jobs, but also helps to repair the image of the GDP.

Kupujmo spot 2.jpg

And what better way to show this than through a touching TV advert? The new "Buy Croatian" advert opens with a sympathetic Grandfather who symbolizes the valuable hands of Croatian producers, whose daily work and efforts set forth to provide a better life for their loved ones.

The crowning moment of the advert is when a young man gazes into the window of a clearly expensive department store while searching for a gift for his significant other. In a decision against the flashy window display, the young man opts to buy his holiday gifts locally. The advert then shows how one simple choice can make such a difference, which is manifested in the series of happy reactions that follow.

Kupujmo spot 3.jpg

When taking into account that this holiday season we will spend as much as 12 billion kuna, it is important to remember that you can make a difference buy choosing to buy local, and “Buy Croatian”.