Travel Agencies Association Council: Special Taxation Procedure is the Biggest Issue for the Travel Agencies


„Being re-elected vice president of the ECTAA (European Travel Agents’ and Tour Operators’ Association) is the confirmation of the quality work during the previous mandate”, said the president of the Travel Agencies Association at the CCE Boris Žgomba on the agency’s Council meeting held yesterday at the CCE. He emphasized the importance for the association to have its own representative at such a high function in the top organization of the European travel agencies. Žgomba additionally said that he plans to continue creating main tourist guidelines in strengthening further importance of the European agencies. “The priority is to advocate the development and the promotion of the Croatian agencies and total tourist segment of economy, as well as strengthening our country’s position on the tourist map of Europe”, said Žgomba.

Other new board members of ECTAA include CCE’S Tourism Sector assistant director Sanela Vrkljan (who was also named business secretary of the Travel Agencies Association at the CCE), Uniline’s key account manager Domagoj Hunski, Kompas Zagreb’s director Ivan Pukšar, Board of directors’ advisor at UHPA Željko Trezner and UHPA Office manager Ivana Maltar.

One of the topics was the discussion about current situation in the business of travel agencies. First five months of the tourist year are worse or the same as the year before, while similar and a bit more optimistic outcome is expected in the rest of the year. Special transaction procedure was discussed as well, as the main issue of travel agencies. The solution of that problem could impact profitability significantly (which was fairly diminishing in the last couple of years).