President Burilović: Appointed Commissioner Must Be Successful – Any Other Scenario Is a Luxury We Cannot Afford!

Luka Burilović

“I fully support the new commissioner – he is facing the biggest economic challenge in the recent Croatian history”, said the president of the Croatian Chamber of Economy Luka Burilović, expressing his gratitude to the Government of Croatia for taking responsibility in handling crucial economic issues.

The Commercial Court of Zagreb appointed Ante Ramljak as emergency management commissioner on Monday at 9.50, following the Government’s proposition, according to the law on systematically important companies.

CCE’s president emphasises that the Governments commissioner Ramljak is very experienced in the field of economy and very familiar with crucial creditors on whose help he will depend in the following period. “Things are going south and fast reactions are more than necessary. The new commissioner’s success is of extreme importance so everyone must help. Other scenarios are a luxury we cannot afford”, said Burilović.

According to his opinion, the priorities are:
- payment for the small suppliers,
- preservations of the job positions and economic stability,
- emphasizing the importance of buying Croatian products.