Luka Burilović: Suppliers Must Not Be Neglected!

Agrokor’s representatives met with thirty suppliers on March 27th in Konzum. Along with the concern’s president Ivica Todorić, Konzum’s Board of Directors president Slavko Ledić and Agrokor’s Supervisory Board Member Ljerka Pulić, there was also the president of Croatian Chamber of Economy Luka Burilović, who spoke in the name of small and medium suppliers.

“We should do everything in order to regain stability and in order to protect each and every member in the chain of suppliers. We all must ensure they are not neglected”, said Burilović.

The heaviest burden of stabilization was on the suppliers’ backs and their contribution to Agrokor reconstruction process was immense. They used this opportunity to emphasize that Agrokor is one of their most important partners and that they will continue to give strong support to its reconstruction.