It Is Croatia’s Imperative to Connect Science and Economy

Potpredsjednica HGK za graditeljstvo, promet i veze Mirjana Čagalj

“For the Republic of Croatia, it is absolutely necessary to harmonize the economic needs with education system, and the implementation of dual education is the first attempt to narrow the gap between the offer of education system and the real needs of labour market. Quality professional education and training system is one of the key things that contribute to the improvement of investment climate and to the fulfilment of economic growth. This will be possible if we increase the number of available qualified human resources”, said the Vice President for Construction, Transport and Communication Mirjana Čagalj, on the presentation of the project Logistic Practicum at the CCE, in organization of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences and the students association Udruga TRANS.

She added that the dual education system implementation can reduce the number of unemployed young people, which was, so far, extremely high in Croatia. “The young people will contribute to the companies’ general competitiveness through the innovations brought out by this project”, Srećko Tomas, deputy Minister of Science, Education and Sports, agrees and adds that the Ministry will certainly support scientific and professional potential of the 5000 scientists and experts.

“Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences educates the students and the scientists in all the areas of transport and traffic sciences”, emphasises the Dean Hrvoje Gold. The faculty shall continue its valuable cooperation with the CCE and it is, also, already working on harmonizing the system of competences with qualifications, via application published by the Ministry of economy.

“The entire project is created so that the students of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences get the opportunity to search for the solutions of the project tasks, using the analysis of certain logistics processes in the companies such as Atlantic Group and Zagrebačka pivovara. With the CCE, those two companies represent the main co-operators of this project”, explained the President of Faculty Board of Directors Jasmina Pašagić Škrinjar. The teams consisted of four work groups were presenting their solutions and suggestions. The Director of logistics for the Eastern Europe of the Atlantic Group Mislav Garbić declared the winners in the first team: Ana Mihaljević, Martina Furdić, Krešimir Peraić and Ivan Radmanić.

Supply Chain Director of Zagrebačka pivovara Ivan Vrbić declared the winners in the third team: Jurica Bojić, Igor Krekešić and Marta Kruhalj. Atlantic Group and Zagrebačka pivovara shall select three students from each team, which they shall employ as their three-months paid practitioners.