Expert Council for Financial Institutions formed


On 1st March 2016, representatives of nine associations of financial institutions, which operate within the CCE’s Sector for Financial Institutions, Business Information and Economic Analyses have formed the Expert Council for Financial Institutions, with the aim to improve their mutual cooperation and to realize business interests through specific projects and common action.

Speakers on behalf of the CCE, Mr. Zvonimir Savić, Ms. Vanja Dominović and Ms. Sanja Ćorić have presented the Sector’s current activities, proposed joint activities, as well as CCE’s new projects.

Mr. Marijan Kralj, Management Board Member of Croatia osiguranje d.d. and a Council Member of the Association of Insurers, supports the proposals and projects initiated by CCE and will be actively involved in their implementation. Activities recognized by the Croatia osiguranje d.d. include the support to the legislative regulations (through participation in the drafting of legislation but also through announced modifications of applicable laws), CCE’s mediation in communication with the existing and new customers as well as educational activities.

Ms. Klaudija Karabuva Vidas, Management Board Member of OTP leasing d.d. and President of the Association of Leasing Companies, has stated that the said Association, throughout its activities in the CCE, has undertaken a lot of activities for improvement of their business. Currently the Association is preparing proposals for amendments to the Value Added Tax Ordinance and it seeks CCE’s support in lobbying for their interests at the Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration and Customs Administration.

Mr. Jurica Jednačak, Managing Broker of Zagrebačka banka d.d. and President of the Business Activities and Financial Markets Intermediation Association has positively assessed the CCE’s and Association’s activities in relation to the capital gains tax, what has resulted in delayed implementation and in setting up the of the Working Group for systematic problem-solving related to taxation of capital gain. Members of the Working Group shall be the representatives of the said Association, HANFA (Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency) and Tax Administration.

Mr. Marko Makek, Management Board Member of the Nexe Private Equity Partneri d.o.o. and Vice-President of the Investment Fund Management Association has stressed the need for greater cross-sector networking and development of professional strategies that will assist fund managers in their decision-making.

Ms. Alma Mekić Ćerdić, CEO of Erste Factoring d.o.o. and President of the Factoring Companies’ Association has expressed her satisfaction with the factoring companies’ activities within the Association in the framework of the CCE and she supports the initial educational activities aimed at business entities in various counties. The factoring companies shall also get involved in the abovementioned training activities.

Mr. Ivan Jandrić, Board Member of the Hypo Alpe Adria Bank d.d. believes that this is the right moment for joint activities aimed at finding the financial resources needed to develop the economy via HBOR (Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development, commercial banks and other sources of funding.

Mr. Peter Rebernišak, Director of Semel pro Semper d.o.o. and President of the Association of Insurance Agents supports the proposals and new projects of the Sector and the proactive role of the CCE.