Cooperation with Airbus and Swiss Space Systems: business opportunity for Croatian companies in electrical and textile industry


Industry and IT Sector at the CCE, in cooperation with the company Swiss Space Systems, has organized the meeting at the Croatian Chamber of Economy on April 29th. The main topic of the meeting was the possibility of various forms of business cooperation of Airbus and Swiss Space Systems representatives with many Croatian companies, in the area of electrical, metal, textile, leather and IT industry, as well as with Croatian scientific institutions and universities.

“Presentation of development and production programs at Airbus and Swiss Space Systems, which are the companies for production and development of high technologies, introduced the possibility of cooperation with Croatian companies, which would provide breakthrough and development of products of higher added value”, emphasized the Vice President at the CCE Tomislav Radoš, explaining in addition that there is a need for thorough examination of the interesting areas.

Airbus is the international company with 120,000 employees in many European countries. Its plan is to start the cooperation in the Republic of Croatia, which shall include aeronautical and space programs. “Airbus is conducting its high technology products development through the five innovations divisions, which cover security products such as high resolution cameras, various types of sensors, radars, composite materials etc.” said Neven Tikvica, Regional Sales Director at Airbus.

Cooperation is possible in projects such as Industrial R&D, Automatic Flight & Communication, Energy, Propulsion and Aerodynamics or Digitalisation.

Slobodan Danko Bosanac from Swiss Space Systems spoke about the possible strategic partnership in the creation of regional aeronautics and space centre in Croatia. Swiss Space Systems works at the development of the production parts for the space shuttle from the Hermes program. The company plans to create Croatian space centre, as well as the spaceport in Udbina.