Burilović: Every Country’s Duty is to Follow the Needs of Its Entrepreneurs


20th National Economic and Entrepreneurial Conference in Split was opened by Split-Dalmatia County prefect Zlatko Ževrnja. On this occasion, the technological incubator accommodation distribution project was presented.

Croatian Chamber of Economy’s President Luka Burilović, as the delegate of the country president, was very positive in emphasizing the main facts about the economic growth: “The domestic GDP decline was among the biggest in the world, which is finally changing. I am consoled by the growth estimation of 2.8%, though we are still quite far from the economic situation in 2008. Still, this shows we have the capacity to become the land of prosperity! Our people are knowledgeable and, therefore, capable of giving our country a happy ending. So far, the CCE has implemented many reforms: now it is time for the country to do the same”, said Burilović, who sees our entrepreneurs as the main initiator of the positive changes.

“In order to facilitate the access to the EU funds sources to our entrepreneurs, we have changed Common National Rules, in cooperation with our colleagues from the Ministry of Regional Development and EU funds”, said the minister of entrepreneurship and crafts Darko Horvat, who also emphasized that at this point, across the entire country, the value of all active public competitions is 2.5 billion HRK. “Thanks to the fairly simple applications, depending on the size of their firms, our entrepreneurs can use those funds for their projects”, said Horvat.

Minister Horvat also points out the great importance of the real sector and educational system cooperation. “Our objective is to adapt the high school educational system to the labour market needs, during the period of three or four years, in order not to continue reproducing work force for the Croatian Employment Service, but for our labour market”, said Horvat and additionally announced the EU Social Fund scholarship allocation for the scarce occupations, which includes 2,000 scholarships with the total value of 18 million HRK.