Borovo Celebrates 85th Anniversary and Announces the Big Comeback of Their Well Known Logo


Borovo Ltd. celebrated its anniversary on Tuesday, June 7th – it has been exactly 85 years since this company manufactured its first shoe, in Vukovar.

Prior to the Croatian War of Independence, there were about 22,000 employees in Borovo, 20 million pairs of shoes were manufactured per year, as well as 30,000 tonnes of pneumatic and other rubber products, and more than 900 retail objects were owned by the company.

Today, Borovo employs 705 workers, of which 500 is employed in the Vukovar section. Annually, 400,000 pairs of shoes is produced and it is sold in 90 retail stores. Borovo is still the lead employer in Vukovar and the rest of the county.

Their products are mainly exported to the USA, Canada, France and the products are recognized and approved in the entire world, even by some of the most prestigious fashion magazines. “It is our wish to use the results of our work, in order to ensure our economic survival. Nowadays in Croatia, about 10 million shoes is being sold, and about 5% of that number is the share manufactured by Borovo. At this moment, 10 to 12 percent of our total income is accomplished through the export”, explains Gordan Kolundžić who also announces the big comeback of Borovo’s well known logo.