Biggest Selling Croatian Products Abroad

Rast izvoza

Some may think that the spice condiment Vegeta is one of the most sold products from Croatia overseas. Croatian exports are a lot more than just Vegeta or Domaćica biscuits.

According to data from the Croatian Chamber of Economy, last year Croatian products and services worth over 11 billion euros were exported into market abroad, more than 10% more than in the year prior.

Italy is the biggest market for Croatia for its exports, followed by Slovenia, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Austria.

Top 5 products exported from Croatia.

1. Electricity
2. Medicines
3. Motor gasoline
4. Gas & Oil
5. Seat Parts 

In terms of companies, INA is the number one exporter in Croatia, followed by Pliva Hrvatska, Boxmark Leather, Petrokemija and Valamar Riviera.