12th International Economic and Scientific Conference on Aquaculture "2016 - 2020 (2023) – A Crucial Period for the Development of the Croatian Aquaculture“


Call for papers


The 12th International Economic and Scientific Conference on Aquaculture, organized by the Croatian Chamber of Economy, will be held from 24th to 25th November 2016 on the premises of the Lav Hotel (Congress Hall) in Vukovar, Croatia. It will be a meeting of producers, scientists, state administration representatives and other stakeholders in the field of aquaculture.

The conference is dedicated to presenting the current state and the important technological, economic and scientific breakthroughs and solutions (genetics, pathology, nutrition science...) necessary for the successful development of the Croatian aquaculture as well as the use of European structural and investment funds in order to finance aquaculture development projects.

According to an earlier announcement, in this second Call we suggest topics for scientific technical papers, presentations, discussions and posters. In addition, the agenda of the Conference is proposed.


  • Nutritional science, pathology, genetics
  • New species in farming, problem of non-native species
  • Shellfisheries aquaculture, damage from predators,
  • Oyster (Ostrea edulis) farming, the possibility of a controlled juvenile fish farming,
  • Farming technology, RAS systems
  • Marketing, farming economics
  • Tenders for the use of EU funds for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (marketing, processing, aquaculture, innovation), present experiences and measures for increasing the success rate of drawing of EU funds
  • Concessions; the current status and proposed measures for regulation of the farm/farmer's legal status

Conference Agenda:

The Conference will begin with a plenary assembly, greetings and introductory lectures and it will be continued by following sections: farming technology and economics, scientific lectures and it will end with the plenary assembly including a round table and draft conclusions.


  • Jugoslav Holik Viši stručni suradnik Tel: +385 32 441 155 Email: jholik@hgk.hr